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How to choose a University?

Which University? University Rankings
Which university?
If you just finished the high school and now are in the hard task of looking for some college to continue your studies, here we will show you some tips you must take into account when choosing the right place for you.
University rankings
The United States has a large tradition if we talk about Universities rankings, since many years ago the universities rankings are an important step to take on count before choosing a University.
Questions to ask yourself Campus Life
Questions to ask yourself There are some questions that may be very important for you, try to be as honest as possible to answer this questions, remember you are going to study at least four years in a University, so it's better you begin to think in every detail about university life. Campus life Campus Life is all about the things you can do inside the University or College, from the governance system to the residence halls, from the athletics to intramural sports, music groups, theatre productions, clubs and anything else the students can do.


Admission Calendar The Application Admission Essays Admission exams Admission Interviews
Admission calendar The application Admission essays Admission exams Admission interviews
Usually the admission process begins in September of the Junior Year and ends in June of the Senior Year. It is imperative to know deadlines for SATs, ACTs and college applications.
The application generally is formed by academic records, personal essays, letters of recommendation, and a list of extracurricular activities.
Admission essays basically defines the personal interview. With the essay you have the best chance to remark your experiences, accomplishments and potential. If you need help with university papers contact professionals to have well written documents. It's important to submit docuements without grammatical errors when you apply for an university.
Exams are an important part of college admission process; if you obtain high scores you will be able to get into a good college and maybe lead to thousands of dollars in a great scholarship.
Definitely the interview is your opportunity to show your personality and demonstrate that you are more than a heap of papers with test scores and grades.

Career building

Language Courses Improving your Skills
Language courses
Are you looking for improving your languages abilities at home? Remember that your future could be according to your knowledge but also, according to how many languages you know, furthermore, you will find many more offers and accomplish more goals.
Improving your skills
There are many options if you turn into a Career Builder, and one of them is IMPROVEMENT. Whatever your skills are, they are determinative to ascend positions creating successful changes at job.
  Learn Arabic
  Learn Spanish
  Learn English
  Learn French
  Learn Italian
   Learn German
   Learn Portuguese
   Learn Chinese
   Learn Russian
   Learn Greek
  Computer skills and Negotiation skills
  Doing a business plan
  Managing time
  Personality and Public speaking skills
  Doing a marketing plan
  Acquiring leadership skills

Job Search Career Builder
Job search
Now is time to reach as farther as your dreams takes you thinking in bigger. Maybe you will be worry about your future, but once you will have gotten over all your hard times, you will have learned how to approach tomorrow with confidence and daring.
Career builder
Everybody, once is graduated, becomes a Career builder. A Career builder is everybody all the people around you, ordinary people who are conscious and concern about their career. The most important is their own decision to achieve their goals with a big step.
   Job Interviews
   Resume Writing
   Letters of Recommendation
   Covering Letter
   Choosing the job
   Job Offers search
   Types of Career Builders
   What to Do?
   What tools and attitude?
   What challenges?
   What tips?
   Working at home?

Career Salaries Career Education Glossary
  Salaries by Group
  Salaries by Professions
  Glossary: A - F
  Glossary: H - Z

Financial AID

Loans Scholarships
A Loan is a form of financial aid that needs to be repaid, with interests. Types: Student Loans, Parent Loans, and Private Student Loans,...

A Scholarship is another way of financial aid, which opposite to loans does not need to be repaid. Types: Undergraduate and graduate scholarship.

Other Types Financial Resources
If you keep looking for financial aid, here there are some other sources that will help you to complete your education dreams.

Financial resources
These resources are directed to both those students who are looking for being admitted into a college or university

University degrees

Academic Degrees

assosiate's degrees

Associate's Degrees
The associate degree was introduced in 1900 by the University of Chicago with the intention of lead to employment or advancement in a specific career. Degrees are available from public community colleges, private two-year colleges, technical institutes, and many 4-year colleges and universities.

Bachelor's Degree

This is the most traditional degree given by colleges and universities, usually it requires at least four years of full-time study although some programs like architecture or engineering take five years.
Master Degrees

This is a postgraduate academic degree that requires one to three years of study after receiving the bachelor degree. The master degree is designed to provide additional education or training in the studentís specific branch of knowledge.
Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral Degree is an academic degree of the highest level, is designed to train research scholars and, why not, future college and faculty members.

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