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May 24

The Application

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The application is an important part of the college admission system, generally is formed by academic records, personal essays, letters of recommendation, and a list of extracurricular activities.

Nowadays the application could be done through the admissions offices and with online forms where you can submit one form to multiple colleges, but many other create their own admission applications.

   Common Application (Common App):

More than 300 colleges and universities accept the Common Application form; you can get a copy from your guidance counsellor, download a copy at or complete it online. If some of your choices don’t work with the Common Application, you have to check at the college’s website and request your application materials.

   Application Dates:

It is imperative to have a schedule with the deadlines of each college you want to apply, for general applications the deadline may be in January 1 and for early decision the deadline is usually November 1.

   Applying for Early decision:

It is possible to do early admission and if you decide to do it, you should have your application completed between October and November of your Senior Year. The advantage is that you will know if you have been accepted by January, so it is advisable to decide on early decision for the college that is your first choice.

   Major elements of the College Application:

Usually, the admissions committee evaluates three major elements to take a final decision: the academic story, the personal profile and the supporting documents.

        The academic history: shows your academic performance during high school, it includes your grades, the courses that you enrolled in, your class rank and the results of standardized test like PSAT, SATI, SATII, ACT, and TOEFL.

        The personal profile: consists of your essays, resumé and probably your personal interview. In this part of your application you have to show your personality, with great essays you can make a great difference and distinguish yourself from the other applicants. In your resumé, put the extracurricular activities you have done in high school as well as all your accomplishments, don’t be shy! In your interview, try to be yourself and relax, show your interests, your talents and what you will provide to the college.

        The supporting documents: include recommendation letters from your teachers and your counsellor, the school report form and other extra material like videos or tapes showing you in musical or art activities, articles published by local or national newspapers, etc.

   Filling out the application:

The online applications are easy to fill out; just you have to create an account that will be accessed only by you. With this account, it is not necessary fill the entire form at the first time; you can come back as often as you want until you are finished.

All the required documents will be uploaded into your online application, and your profile information will be added to each online application that you start. It is impossible to skip one step to complete the application, there is a practical checklist to ensure that you are finish the entire application process.

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