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April 20

Admission Interviews

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Definitely the interview is your opportunity to show your personality and demonstrate that you are more than a heap of papers with test scores and grades. In the interview you can talk about your experience in high school and at the same time you can learn more about the college. Usually the interview last from 30 to 60 minutes.

  Scheduling your visit

Many students prefer visit campuses in fall of their senior year and see what campus life is like. Try to not make your first interview in your top chosen college; obviously you will do better if you pass by other interviews before.

Also avoid scheduling more than two college interviews on any given day, you will be tired and is probable cause a wrong impression. Furthermore, your impressions of the colleges will be vague while you make your way from college to college. The interview appointment should be set about one month before you plan to do the interview, you can make the appointment by calling the admission office of the college.

  Preparing for a college interview

The interview is not necessary in all colleges, but the more competitive and prestigious colleges will often ask for an interview as part of the application. To make sure which colleges require an interview, read carefully the application materials or call to the admission office. If the interview is not mandatory but recommended, you should do it.

You must be prepared for the interview, and essentially know the basics about the college. In the college catalog you will find more information about what the college has to offer and then you can prepare some smart questions and shape your answers to strengths of the college.

There are two types of interviews:

- The formal interview: It is done by a dean or staff member from admissions. The questions are more traditional and of course, the interview takes place in an office.

- The informal interview: It is done by alumnus or a student representative on campus. This kind of interview is conversational and takes place off-campus.

In the formal interview, the interviewer wants to know more about you, how much do you know about the college and what do you think about it, and also how well you express your ideas. In the informal interview, the interviewer wants to know how fast you would connect with the campus life. For either interview, prepare yourself practicing with friends or relatives and donít be scare, in any case the interviewer will be nice and supportive

  What to expect at a college interview

Besides your expectations, the interviewers also expect you to be prepared and to show them some respect and politeness. If is your first interview, is natural show some level of nervousness but interviewers want you to be prepared, so take deep breaths and try to relax.

In the interview you should expect to be asked questions about your academic record, to answer them is not necessary to memorize every grade you received; just is essential and helpful to know your GPA. The interviewer will ask something about your courses (what was your favorite and least favorite course?), your study habits, favorite books, etc.

Other important part that will be touch in the interview is your life outside of the high school, there will be questions about your extracurricular activities, your memberships in clubs, if you have a part time job after school or if you do volunteer work. Here you may explain about your interests and the way how they have enriched your life.

Your goal in life is other aspect that will be touch in the interview, so be prepared to talk about it and how you plan to use your degree for your career. Some questions will be: Why have you selected this major? How will you use your degree when you graduate?

  Ending the Interview

When the interviewer thinks you are done with your questions, s/he will rise. Then you should also rise, shake hands and thank the interviewer for the opportunity to meet.

It is possible that the interviewer may remain seated and say how nice it was to meet you; then you should reply that you were glad to meet them too and rise gently. In the moment you will leave the office, of course after thanking the interviewer and shaking hands, try to walk confidently looking back with a smile not escaping rapidly as if something was chasing you.

  Interview Questions

Here are some common questions you will be asked in your interview, try to develop some answers for yourself. So long as you practise, you should do very well.

  College Interview tips

It's always recomendable to search for someone else experience about having a College Interview but if you don't know anyone here you can find some useful tips to make your interview less intimidating.

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