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May 24

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Everybody, once is graduated, becomes a Career builder. What does it mean? A Career builder is everybody all the people around you, ordinary people who are conscious and concern about their career. The most important is their own decision to achieve their goals with a big step.

As a Career Builder, you will be able to choose whatever you want to do, maybe starting a language course, studying in an online course, changing jobs, etc.; all of them are a little part of their goals, all their ideas since when they were kids, are able to execute.

Maybe they will not do it just as dreamed but really close to the general idea in order to become what they always have dreamed for their future. Remember that every single step is a rock for your entire life. However, there are people who do not care about it, but never is too late to start, programming a schedule, or at least, an agenda.

 What are the main types of Career Builders?
  Moderate career builder
  Doubtful career builder
  Careless career builder
  Obsessive career builder
  Non economic career builder
  Non-career builder
  How to think? and What to Do?
  Observance cover
  What tools and attitude? What habits?
  Setting deadlines
  Be smart
  Taking action
  Reward yourself
  Writing down
  What challenges? - What threats? - What expectations?

  What tips?
  Safe copies of your job descriptions
  Maintain your CV updated
  Compile information of your achievements
  Establish what your motivations are
  List your objectives
  Gather job ads
  Working at home?


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