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March 21

Career Education Glossary: A - F

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 Accomplishments They are achievements everyone has had during the career. According to your achievements you will find, easier and faster, a job. Mainly, put them into your job interviews, cover letters, and resumes.
 Apprenticeship This a term used to describe when someone is within an early career stage. The apprentice will be practicing on the job and, at the same time working for an employer who helps them learn their trade. This mostly takes a long period of time or the agreed period, and in exchange of their labour, they become skilled.
 Aptitude It is an innate, acquired, learned or developed physical or mental competency, to do some kind of work at some level.
 Assessment It is the process of documenting measurable terms such as beliefs, knowledge, attitudes, and skills. Used for educational assessment including the work of institutional researchers.
 Attributes These are information characteristics used to identify occupations, professions, places, etc., in order to explore them.
  Benchmark It is use to define the performance standards of a program. In management, it is the process in which organizations evaluate various aspects of their processes in relation to the best practice; but usually, their own sector.
 Career It is an individual's course or progress through life or a distinct portion of life; usually considered to pertain to remunerative work and sometimes also formal education. A career is traditionally seen as a course of successive situations that make up a person's worklife.
 Career branding Career branding is your career reputation which defines who and how great you are, showing you how to build a name for you and describing the extra value you bring to an employer.
 Career cluster It is an organizing tool which offers students both basis academics as and activities to match their skills and interests. For example: Engineering, Human Resources, Arts, Humanities, etc.
 Career coach It is also known as either career adviser, or career consultant, or personal career trainer, and life management facilitator. They are professionals and personal trainers who give advice in terms related to your job, your life and your career.
 Career counseling It is the process which ensure that all the students have had the adequate information about postsecondary learning options to choose from, beside of continue studying at a four-year college.
 Career exploration It is the development that someone takes to other activities, roles, and situations in order to learn more about aptitude and have more opportunities.
 Career development They are program models of career education designed to continue a career development of awareness, exploration and experience. Besides, they are based on occupational and career path alternatives which provide skills and preferences that influence career decisions.
 Career fair A kind of program which is scheduled during Spring Break for college students to industry-specific fairs for professionals, giving to the companies the chance to meet and screen potential job candidates.
  Career guidance These are programs with coordinated information designed to facilitate individual career development and career management.
 Career objective It is consider as an optional part of a resume, but for many people it is consider important because it focuses the resume in a specific way showing how the person can benefit the employer.
 Career planning It determinates a possible career path using knowledge of personal interests, skills and preferred futures. This should be the next process of evaluation of any current lifestyle including likes and dislikes, abilities, aptitudes, etc.
 Career program certificate A document certified by training provider and which is a proof of any training done and the skills achieved.
 Career resources These are a kind of material sources which provide information and services supporting career planning and career development.
 Competencies They are defined as standards that set entry qualifications for the next career education step.
 Community Education It is the combination of any public facility with other public, private, and governmental organizations and which objective is provides recreational, health, social, cultural, educational, and community services for the people in the community according to their needs.
 Co-operative career education. It is a work-based learning experience with competencies to be completed at a work site. Its objective is to give the students a course credit for both their classroom and work experiences.
 CV. Curriculum Vitae It is a type of resume used inside the academic community; in which are feature presentations, publications, research experiences, degrees, and other activities. The difference with a resume is that a CV is longer and more informative.
 Degree Vocational Education Program This is a course that associates a science degree containing one or more occupational completion points and sometimes it is also called "degree career education program."
 Distance education It means a physical separation of teachers and students, and both are communicate by satellite hook-ups, correspondence courses, cable television, computer links, audiotapes, etc.
 Doctorate A degree which is placed over Masters Degrees; it usually is awarded after two or three years of study and the most common is a PhD.
 Employability It is giving for those persons who have the skills, knowledge and attitudes that are valuable to an employer.
 Entrepreneurial skills They are those skills that represent all the knowledge and abilities that support the selection of a career path with the objective of pursuing a personal project.
 Formation It is an investment in education and research in order to improve human skills and knowledge.
 Freelance Career This is when someone has the chance to work for themselves with one or more employers; giving all of them freedom, flexibility, and satisfaction of working.

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