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June 26

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Are you ambition for more? Now is time to reach as farther as your dreams takes you thinking in bigger. Maybe you will be worry about your future, but once you will have gotten over all your hard times, you will have learned how to approach tomorrow with confidence and daring.

Here you will not only find how you will be act in your next steps, but the required details you must consider to be the best, and the most important, to be the selected one.

Job Interviews

Any interview could be stressing, not only for you, but also for the interviewer, because both of you must guarantee “the new employer”, so both feel the same pressure.

So, here you will find all to make a successful job interview, including type of questions, sample questions, how to negotiate your salary, interview tips and many more for Jobseekers and for interviewers.

Resume Writing

People say, the first impression is the one that matters, and maybe they are right because when will be time to look for a job, most organizations will ask for your resume. So that, a resume must be done with lot of care naming exactly who you are and what you know.

Letters of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is important information for the employers, and they could use it to call and verify your information, or could not. For both, if you are writing a recommendation letter or if you are requesting one you must know what to include. Ensure your recommendations with the right person, and state clear with your old employer to not give any information before speaking with you.

Covering Letter

A covering letter is really important, not just to explain why you are sending a resume, but to but explain the readers what you are asking for specifically. Furthermore, with a covering letter you will be able to convince the reader to look at your resume and at the same time calling the attention, reflecting your personality and motivation, enthusiasm, providing information specifically requested and implying what you will do to continue growing as a pro.

Choosing the job

Choosing a job is a great opportunity to give time and effort for yourself, knowing and discovering who you really are. Do not think about the salary, forget it!!

Focus yourself in what you really want to do in life, what will be your place during the rest of your life, possibly. Do not choose a job, just because of something; choose it because you imagine yourself sitting in THAT chair.

Job Offers search

Find the last International Job Offers in Organizations such as:
 The World Bank
 International atomic energy agency
 United Nations
 World Health Organization
 World Trade Organization
 International Labour Organization
 Organization of American States
 Council of Europe

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