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June 19

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Campus Life is all about the things you can do inside the University or College, from the governance system to the residence halls, from the athletics to intramural sports, music groups, theatre productions, clubs and anything else the students can do.

It's better if you occupy your time not only in studying but in trying to make another thing, arts, theatre and music are examples of what you can do to pass your time and not getting so tired with homeworks and profesors, it's also a good oportunity to make new friends.

  Student Activities:

Extra curricular activities are as important as academic classes, it's supossed to give students enough opportunities to be involved in campus life outside the classroom.

- Entertainment:
There are a wide variety of events throughout the academic year, students can have fun doing dance concerts, comedians, coffeehouses and movies. Almost all the times these activities are organized by the students themselves.


Location can be a very important factor to decide in which university begin to study. For choosing the right one it's better you take on count your reactions to new environments, it's true that college is all about new experiences but if you are used to familiar diversions then maybe you will have to think twice if you are planning to change of environment.

If you lived in a crowded city all your life it's possible you don't get comfortable at the beginning, things will not be so easy for you, maybe you won't find what you are looking for at the time you want it. The opposite can happen if you lived in a small city and now you want to assist to a university in a big city, it would be better if you visit the campus first and if you spend some days in that city.

Keep on mind that big cities are more expensive in everything, including rent, food, and entertainment. Some cities have a higher cost of living than others and in almost all the cities students have great discounts. Public transportation is not a problem in big cities, it won't be necessary to have or rent your own car because there are plenty of buses, trains and taxis to take you wherever you want.

  Size matters?

To choose a big or a small University is absolutely up to you, if you lived all your life in a small town maybe you are looking for a small University with few students in every class, something familiar to get in touch with everyone as possible. Otherwise if you lived all your life in a big city it's logic to search for a big university with thousand of students and a big campus with many facilities.

Size is an important point and it's better you know the advantages and disadvantages of each option, if a small University or a big one.

  Student Life:

Students generally go to college to obtain a major degree but also it's important for them the social life, a big part of them think the real classes are given outside the classroom. For professors, only one thing matters, academics.

Some students think the best way to live in college is going to drink and missing classes, without their parents they do what they want, but after a while most of them realize that's not a good option and they are loosing their time.

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