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May 24

Questions to ask yourself

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There are some questions that may be very important for you, try to be as honest as possible to answer this questions, remember you are going to study at least four years in a University, so it's better you begin to think in every detail about university life, and some of those questions could be:

What is the program I want to study?

Am I completely sure about my major, or will I change my mind?

Will I feel comfortable living far away from home?

Do I prefer a private college or a public one?

Can I handle the payment of the University I want?

Will I need a scholarship?

Do I have the appropiate qualifications for applying a scholarship?

Will I need to work and study at the same time?

Will I feel comfortable studying in a big University or do I prefer a familiar atmosphere?

In which city do I prefer to study?
Will I live in the residence hall or in other accommodation?

Is there a possibility to get unhappy with the roommate?

Do I have any problem with ethnic origin of students?

What kind of work I'd like to do after graduating from college?

What are the admissions requirements for being admited in the program I've chosen?

Is it necessary some letter of recomendation to be admited?

How many students are trying to get into the college?

What is the faculty ratio?

What kind of extra curricular activities will I like to do?
After answering all those questions will be ready to investigate more about the University you think is better suited to you, or the one that you'll feel more comfortable in, think about all the points you think are the most important, the matter is you feel ok with your decision and the place where you will live is the right one to begin your studies without any problem or disturb, because is necesary a good environment to get good results after spending years of your life studying in the college you choose.

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