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January 18

Engineering Management

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Engineering managers occupy a distinctive position in business and corporations; they have to mix their management expertise and engineering knowledge to guide teams in difficult tasks.

  Career Outlook

Most Engineering managers are focused on materials management, logistics, product development, employees dependability and production processes. Other graduates are specialists in crisis, emergency and risk management with the objective of prevent catastrophes. Other interesting fields of work for engineering management are technology management, environmental and energy management, information security management, knowledge management and information systems management among others.

  Coursework in Engineering Management

Most educational institutions offer a number of courses to satisfy students, some of the most common courses are:
-  Managerial Science
-  Marketing
-  Accounting
-  Materials handling and plan layout
-  Computer science
-  Physics and chemistry
-  Systems Engineering
  Career Specialization

Some of the most popular specializations in Engineering management are:
Engineering Project Manager: In this specialty the graduate has an expectant position as manager of the organization, to be successful is necessary to have a combination of engineering knowledge and business expertise.

Senior Lead Analyst: The main objective of engineering managements with this specialization is to ensure that engineering teams reach the most efficient outcomes on their respective tasks.

Cost Systems Analyst: Graduates with this specialization have a direct contact on the bottom line of important projects. In order to do a great job in this specialty is essential to have a combination of financial management knowledge and engineering skills.

Construction Management Engineer: As is name indicates, graduates with this specialty manage and plan the construction of a variety of structures in this industry. They are involved also with manage and distribution of manpower, machines and materials.

Industrial Management Engineer: Professionals with this specialty ensure that industrial releases were processing properly through the industrial production system.
  Requirements for a successful Engineering Management Career

In order to be successful in the Engineering management Career is necessary:
-  Enjoy working with numbers
-  Have the ability of visualize solutions using computer modelling and design tools
-  Enjoy solving challenging problems
-  Have strong communication skills
-  Have the ability to apply abstract to solve a problem
  Certifications for Engineering Management graduates

It is necessary for all Engineering managers to take the licensure exam given through the National Council of Examiners of Engineering and Surveying. In order to apply for this certification, it is essential:
-  Complete e four year degree
-  Earn four years of qualifying experience
-  Pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam (FE)
-  Pass the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam (PE)
In US there is also the American Society of Management Engineers where engineers can exchange information and interact with peers. One of the missions of this organization is promoting to the younger generation to follow a career in Engineering Management.

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