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A Loan is a form of financial aid that needs to be repaid, with interests. There are different ways and kinds of loans, the most usual categories are: Student Loans, Parent Loans, and Private Student Loans, besides there are Consolidation Loans that allow joining all the loans in a single one simplifying your payments.

A loan sets interest rates and fees that a lender would charge as a guaranteed. The most simple loans needs to be charged by lower fees, which at the same time, offer loan discounts to attract borrowers.

Many scholarships and other forms that do not need to be repaid, mostly do not cover the total cost of education, so is necessary to invest in federal and private loans. Among them, the more usual are the federal loans, due to they offer lower interests rates being more flexible with the repayments. Consequently, private loans offer higher interests rates but at the same time, offer a better service and security quality.

So, if are you going to choose for a loan, the most important is you get some previous experience and information about these services, its advantages and disadvantages, ways of repayments, knowing better about special terms such as debt and amortization, and before to take any of them, calculate the cost of your interests.

1.1  Federal Students Aid: FAFSA

       - Grants
       - Campus-Based Aid
       - Stafford Loans (FFLES and Direct Loans)
       - PLUS Loans (Parent Loans)
       - PLUS Loans for Graduate and Professional Degree Students

1.2  Private Loans

       - Private Students Loans
       - Private Students Loans Consolidations
       - Credit Scores
       - Lenders

1.3  Private Loans vs. Public Loans

       - Public Loans Advantages
       - Private Loans Advantages

1.4  Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit

1.5  Student Loan Organizations

       - Education Lenders
       - Guarantee agencies
       - Secondary markets
       - Servicers

1.6  General Terms about Loans

       - Loan Discounts
       - Cost of Interest
       - Repayment Plans
       - Loan exonerations
       - Student Loan Defaults

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