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February 23

Private Students Loans

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This type of Financial Aid is growing faster than expected, at least more than the Federal Loans. This is a big reason why you should consider comparing all different private loans.

     Most popular:

The most important reason for these loans, are to cover the educational expenses, such as: tuition, housing, board, room, books, tools, supplies, transportation, etc. Some Students Loans that are the most offered are:
 Law School
 Engineering School
 Graduate School
 Medical School, Residency, and Board Exam
 Undergraduate School
 Dental School, Residency, and Board Exam
 Business School

     Most important requirements:
 Have an authentic Social Security number from US.
 Do not have any bankruptcy.
 Must pass a credit check, both you and your cosigner.
 Maintain a satisfactory progress with the school standards.
 Be admitted, first, by the credit eligibility requirements of the school, and by the loan type.
 Be 18 years old, at least. Otherwise, get permission by the parents or tutor.
 Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
 Have been, a half-time program, as minimum.
 Have passed 12 months at least, from the last loan.

     Some benefits:
 Have a variable and lower APR, Prime, or LIBOR rates.
 Get no fees.
 Acquire a credit with no limit, all you need for your education expenses
 Will not pay during your time in school
 Have low repayments every month
 Get monthly discounts when you have made your repayments on time.

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