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June 19

Winning a Scholarship

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There are few and little details if you want to find out the best scholarship for you, so here are some advices you must follow in order to get them. For example a Merit scholarship is based on the academic, athletic and artistic field, but they also consider financial need.

The most important to get a scholarship is the GPA qualification, mostly the minimum required is to have a 3.7; a less punctuation do not bother in present your file; otherwise, keep studying hard until to get it.

Obviously, the number of applicants is bigger than the number of scholarships; more or less the raw odds are 15 to 1. So, what you have to do is maximize your chances, looking for the sponsorís perspectives. Furthermore, you could apply for those local awards, where the environment is less competitive, but remember that the more competitive are the most lucrative.

Another important fact, is to be sure that you application or file is the best you had ever done, due to the evaluation will be to it, it must have the most significant information needed for your evaluation, including your letters of recommendations.

1.1  Searching, Organization and Preparation

- According to your needs and time, is important to know when the best time of searching is, how many, and what are the special types avoiding scams.

- In order to get a scholarship is important to be organized applying for them and its admission to college or university. Also is required you effort and interaction, so that you will get the scholarship before it starts with the deadlines.

- According to the sponsorís preferences and politics, some scholarships could require prerequisites in an advanced preparation such as school entrance examinations, a report, good grades, a project, an impressive resume, etc.

1.2  Essays

- That which really marks the difference in a scholarship will be your essays, your presentation. We know that is not easy to write a good essay, but stay calm, the most important is to create in the readers a big impact, how? Here you will found out.

1.3  Recommendation Letters

- A recommendation letter is your helper in the selection of your scholarship because it is used as an extra point and you must ensure it. Here you will find some tips and advices to get a perfect recommendation letter.

1.4  Interviews

- Maybe this will be most exciting part for some, and the most difucult part for others. But, the key is just to know what and how to say it. In this part of the process the jury will evaluate you directly in order to know more about your skills making questions and clarifying any doubt.

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