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February 23

Searching, Organization and Preparation

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- According to your needs and time, is important to know when the best time of searching is, how many, and what are the special types avoiding scams.

- Some tips are:
 Begin with ASAP Scholarships; looking for it as soon as possible to prevent deadlines and at an earlier age and grades such as juniors high school.

 Pay attention reading; answering carefully every question, including those with long attributes and activities; because if you present a complete profile, it will be match twice.

 Better to apply more awards; applying to all scholarships but just to the ones you can qualify for and no matter about the amount; because that will help to win other scholarships.

 Look for less competitive scholarships; including those that are not listed on internet and books; this will be your chance to win better scholarships later.

 Keep update your information; once you find the scholarship check the date of the deadlines and databases updated.

 Be careful with scams; mostly will be a scam if they ask you for fees or money to apply; basically do not pay for more than a postage stamp in order to get some information.

 Keep searching in schools; principally for academic scholarships, due to many colleges offer them in order to attract talented students.

 Remember to renew your scholarship; making sure to renew you won scholarships of the last year, and at the same time fulfil the requirements for the next years; such as academic progress, GPA maintenance, same major studies, annual reports, community service, etc.

- In order to get a scholarship is important to be organized applying for them and its admission to college or university. Also is required you effort and interaction, so that you will get the scholarship before it starts with the deadlines.
 Be organized; otherwise you will lose all the important scholarships applications and forget your letter of recommendation. To begin, put each application in a separate folder using lists to check out the requirements of dates, materials and deadlines. Besides, is important to ensure your appliances with a photocopy of your entire file.

 Watch out deadlines; even if you would try you will not find extensions for your excuses, so that take notes of deadlines and include your “personal deadline” in order to push yourself to be punctual. Furthermore, to ensure yourself, you could include your address stamp postcard or, if you would send it by mail you could get a receipt requested.

 Tons of materials; will be the case when your application will be compose by many pages, so that try to put your name, purpose and number on each page. In this way, your file will be organized preventing loses to the readers.

- According to the sponsor’s preferences and politics, some scholarships could require prerequisites in an advanced preparation such as school entrance examinations, a report, good grades, a project, an impressive resume, etc.

 Background; which means to not mix diverse students population, due to is better to distinguish a single activity from another; so that would be better to select scholarships with hobby in depth students. Keep in mind that better than quantity is quality; but, do not forget to keep participating in other activities to discover new interests.

 Get prepared; exercising for admissions tests and being realistic with it. Find books of practice admission tests, score yourself, and discover what your weaknesses are.

 Look for comments; some sponsors accept to apply twice, so ask for the reviewer's comments if you didn't win the first time, because they are specifics and it will be your tool to improve that in which you are failing.

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