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December 15

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If you do not want to walk around the city, you may visit a specialized website in the section Indiana movers's guide. You may find an apartment or house that suits your needs. Once you are in Texas you can study in one of the many renowned Universities in US and choose among the large variety of University courses.

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Indiana Wesleyan University Indiana Wesleyan University
Indiana Wesleyan University is an Evangelical Christian liberal arts coeducational university operated by The Wesleyan Church. It offers a blend of liberal arts and professional educational programs leading to the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Education and Master of Business Administration degrees. …
Ivy Tech State College Ivy Tech State College
Ivy Tech Community College is the college of choice for over 105,000 students every year. Ivy Tech is focused on you and what you want. We give you more options, more choices, more ways to complete your education and land a great paying job for a lot less investment. It's a different way of looking at school, but you'll like what you see. Ivy Tech is Indiana's most affordable colleg…
Manchester College Manchester College
Manchester College is a college of the Church of the Brethren and has received acclaim in the 2006 "America's Best Colleges" guide of U.S. News & World Report for our academic programs and affordability. Manchester recently ranked 5th for "Great Colleges At Great Prices" among Midwestern Baccalaureate colleges. Manchester is committed to being a community of faith and learning where student…
Marian College Marian College
The signs are everywhere that more students than ever are demanding Marian College's name on their diplomas. I hear from students all the time who tell me that we are nurturing both their minds and their souls (Adam Thomas, class of 2008).
Martin University Martin University
Martin University celebrated its 28th anniversary on August 9, 2005. Founded by Rev. Fr. Boniface Hardin in 1977, the University's original mission to serve low-income, minority, and adult learners has not changed, although students from all backgrounds have always been welcome. The original campus was at 35th St. and College Ave. It moved to its current location on Avondale Place in the Marti…
Mid-America College of Funeral Service Mid-America College of Funeral Service
Mid-America College of Funeral Service is located at 3111 Hamburg Pike in Jeffersonville, Indiana, the northeast sector of the greater Louisville, Kentucky metropolitan area, including Jefferson County, Kentucky and Clark and Floyd Counties of Southern Indiana. Within a few minutes of the College are new residential developments, numerous churches, shopping centers, apartments, restaurants, golf …
Mid-America Reformed Seminary Mid-America Reformed Seminary
The name of Mid-America Reformed Seminary says a great deal about the Seminary, who we are, and what we do. Centrally-located on the southern side of the Chicago area, Mid-America benefits from the convenience and resources of a major metropolitan area while remaining closely connected to its Midwestern rural roots.
Oakland City University Oakland City University
Oakland City University in Oakland City, Indiana is a learning community dedicated to academic excellence, technical preparation, life-long learning, the preparation for gainful employment through academic excellence, the promotion of Christian ethical and moral values and the enhancement of each person's intellectual spiritual and social development. Oakland City University has made some e…
Oakland City University Bedford Oakland City University Bedford
Oakland City University Bedford, a private independent institution located in Bedford, Indiana, offers academic excellence and a relaxed lifestyle amid the splendor of a small campus. Our school has a rich history and our campus building is an exciting blend of the old and the new. OCUB offers students a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs including business, general education, and othe…
Oakland City University Evansville Oakland City University Evansville
The Evansville Branch of Oakland City University focuses on our School of Adult and Extended Learning. Courses may be completed in as little as five weeks, attending only one class each week. Degree programs may be completed in less than eighteen months. Many working adults no longer have time for traditional college programs. Some hope to earn their college degree "someday". Others need colleg…

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