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January 21

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Massachusetts prides itself on having some of the best universities and colleges in the world. If you want to know more about Universities in Massachusetts this is the best place.

An important thing to keep in mind is that, although Massachusetts is a beautiful place to live, study and find government jobs. The cost of housing in the city is quite expensive, but if you try looking for an apartment on the outskirts of the city you will definitely have a better luck.

As we said earlier, Massachusetts prides itself on having some of the best universities and colleges in the world, approximately 100, which are listed in the top of US university ranking and are divided into both private and public. In addition Massachusetts has a high average GPA score of 3.1 that makes many young people choose one of these universities to study. Another important feature is that many renowned and important personalities and politics such as John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John Hancock, Oliver Holmes and John F. Kennedy studied in Massachusetts.

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The Boston Conservatory The Boston Conservatory
The Boston Conservatory trains exceptional young performing artists for careers that enrich and transform the human experience. Known for its multi-disciplinary environment, the Conservatory offers fully accredited graduate and undergraduate programs in Music, Dance, Theater, and Music Education, and presents over 200 performances each year by students, faculty, and guest artists. The intimacy of …
The Forsyth Institute The Forsyth Institute
Discover The Forsyth Institute - where excitement is palpable, where world-class scientists are passionate about bringing science to life, and where there is magic in the air - every day. For almost a century, Forsyth has attracted distinguished scientists from all corners of the globe. They have come to explore the unknown, to learn and teach, in a collegial, cross-disciplinary atmosphere that…
The New England Institute of Art The New England Institute of Art
The New England Institute of Art is located in the heart of the Boston area, the home to more colleges and universities than any other city in North America. Accessible by public transportation, you'll be able to take advantage of all that the area offers. From museums to sporting events, theater and a top-ten media market, the opportunities to experience college life to its fullest are yo…
Tufts University Tufts University
Founded in 1852, Tufts University is one of the premier universities in the United States. Tufts enjoys a global reputation for academic excellence and for preparing students as leaders in a wide range of professions. Tufts' rigorous academic programs are designed to teach students to make decisions, think independently, solve problems, take intellectual risks, challenge conventional wisdom, …
Tulsa Community College - Metro Campus Tulsa Community College - Metro Campus
Conveniently located if you're already working downtown, "Metro" offers an incredible variety of courses, including computer, health sciences, and international language programs.
University of Massachusetts Amherst University of Massachusetts Amherst
UMass Amherst, the flagship campus of the University of Massachusetts system, sits on nearly 1,450-acres in the scenic Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, 90 miles from Boston and 175 miles from New York City. The campus provides a rich cultural environment in a rural setting close to major urban centers. UMass Amherst was born in 1867 as a land-grant agricultural college set on 310 rural …
University of Massachusetts Boston University of Massachusetts Boston
The University of Massachusetts Boston was established in 1964 to provide the opportunity for superior education at moderate cost to the people of greater Boston. It is located on Columbia Point peninsula, which it shares with the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. UMass Boston is nationally recognized as a model of excellence for urban universities. UMass Boston brings the resources of a ma…
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
UMass Dartmouth is part of the five-campus University of Massachusetts system. Founded in 1895, the university is a public institution with a proud history of providing a high quality education at a sensible price. Located in southeastern Massachusetts (one hour from Boston, 30 minutes from Providence), our main campus was designed by eminent architect Paul Rudolph and is situated on 710 wooded a…
University of Massachusetts Lowell University of Massachusetts Lowell
The University of Lowell was created in 1975 through the merger of Lowell State College and Lowell Technological Institute. Each of these predecessor institutions was founded in the 1890s. The campus became part of the University of Massachusetts system in 1991. Location: UMass Lowell has three campus clusters North, South and East 25 miles northwest of Boston along the Merrimack River.
University of Massachusetts Medical School University of Massachusetts Medical School
Located in Central Massachusetts, approximately 45 miles west of Boston, Worcester is the third largest city in New England and the hub of economic activity in the area. Complementing its health care, education, biotechnology, insurance and finance industries, Worcester and surrounding towns host 13 colleges and universities. The cost of living in greater Worcester, particularly shopping and housi…

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