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January 18

Bank Street College of Education

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Bank Street College of Education Bank Street College of Education was founded in 1916 as the Bureau of Educational Experiments. Our founder, Lucy Sprague Mitchell, convinced that public schools were not serving children well, set out, with a group of like-minded colleagues, to discover the environments in which children grow and learn to their full potential, and to educate teachers and others to create these environments. From those small beginnings as an experimental nursery school staffed by teachers, psychologists, and researchers, Bank Street grew over the years, adding programs and projects, more students, both adults and children, creating materials for and about children in many media, and influencing the design and implementation of such national educational programs as Head Start and Follow Through.


Art, Early Childhood Education, Education, Educational Administration, Educational Leadership, Educational Psychology, Language, Literature, Mathematics, Writing

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Teachers colleges


610 West 112th Street
NY 10025-1898 New York
New York
United States
Phone: (212) 875-4420
Fax: (212) 875-4454

 Admissions office:

Admissions Office
610 West 112th Street
NY 10025-1898New York
New York
United States
Phone: (212) 875-4433

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