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January 16

Central Baptist Theological Seminary

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Central Baptist Theological Seminary Central Baptist Theological Seminary was founded in 1901 at the encouragement of the Kansas Baptist Convention to serve as the first Baptist seminary west of the Mississippi River. Currently, the seminary is extending its educational opportunities beyond the Kansas City area to four other sites in an intentional effort to make a seminary education more accessible to persons unable to relocate for various personal reasons.

Central Baptist Theological Seminary, affiliated with the American Baptist Churches in the USA and in full support of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, ecumenical and evangelical in spirit, is committed to the education and development of men and women called by God to be leaders for the church of Jesus Christ who are: theologically articulate, biblically knowledgeable, spiritually healthy, humanly sensitive,
professionally competent,
and who respond to the Holy Spirit in the ministries of reconciling, proclaiming, and teaching throughout the world.


Art, Arts in Religion, Divinity, Religion, Theological Studies, Theology

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Theological seminaries


741 N. 31 Street
KS 66102-3964 Kansas City
United States
Phone: (800) 677-2287

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Enrollment Services
741 N. 31 Street
KS 66102-3964Kansas City
United States
Phone: (800) 677-2287
Fax: (913) 371-8110

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