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December 16

Chief Dull Knife College

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Chief Dull Knife College Chief Dull Knife College is an open-admission, community based, comprehensive, tribally controlled community college and land grant institution designed to provide affordable, quality educational opportunities to residents of the Northern Cheyenne reservation and surrounding communities. The College is named in honor of one of the Northern Cheyenne's most respected historical leaders who fought overwhelming odds to maintain the sovereignty of the Cheyenne people, a century before the College's first academic courses were offered in 1978. Reflecting Chief Dull Knife's determination, the College's primary mission is to provide educational and cultural leadership to its constituents.


Agriculture, Allied Health, American Studies, Applied Science, Art, Biology, Business, Business Management, Communication, Communication Arts, Computer Information Systems, Early Childhood Education, Education, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Fine Art, Fisheries, General Studies, Health, Humanities, Information Systems, Management, Office Management, Pre-Engineering, Psychology, Science, Sciences, Special Education, Wildlife, Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences

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Tribal colleges and universities


1 College Drive
MT 59043 Lame Deer
United States
Phone: (406) 477-6215
Fax: (406) 477-6219

 Admissions office:

Admissions Office
1 College Drive
MT 59043Lame Deer
United States
Phone: (406) 477-6215

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