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May 24

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

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Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Edinboro University is the leading institution of higher education in the region, and a cornerstone of excellence in academics, technology and the arts. Clearly identified with our special mission, we strive to meet the ever-changing needs of the world around us by providing access to our institution for the benefit of all.

Diversity is apparent by the breadth and richness of our programs, faculty, administration, staff, and students. We provide research, community services, and educational programs in accordance with the social, cultural, economic and technical needs of the region and Commonwealth. The University meets the specific needs of underrepresented groups, students with disabilities, and those faced with social or economic hardship or inadequate educational preparation.

Our faculty, staff, and administration are highly qualified and committed to our mission and clearly demonstrate a commitment to personal and professional development. The environment we create at Edinboro is inspirational, yet challenging. It is interactive, creative, fair and civil, and it demonstrates the highest community values. In fulfilling our responsibilities, we nurture a strong sense of respect and dignity.

Recognizing that knowledge creates opportunity, Edinboro University instills in our students a corresponding sense of responsibility with their freedom of choice. Our programs help students develop an interest in higher social values and encourage intellectual pursuits, personal development, and a commitment to lifelong learning and service. All who experience Edinboro University are inspired to even greater achievement.


Anthropology, Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Communication Disorders, Communication Media, Communication Sciences, Criminal Justice, Economics, Elementary Education, English, Foreign Languages, Geoscience, Health Education, Health Services, History, Language, Mathematics, Military Science, Music, Nursing, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Secondary Education, Sociology, Special Education, Speech, Technology, Theatre Arts

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Master's Colleges and Universities I


210 Meadville Street
16444 Edinboro
United States
Phone: (814) 732-2000

 Admissions office:

Admissions Office
Biggers House
United States
Phone: (814) 732-2761
Fax: (814) 732-2611

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