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January 18

Hawaii Tokai International College

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Hawaii Tokai International College To fulfill its founding mission to provide a comprehensive education, the Tokai University Educational System is comprised of a network of schools ranging from the kindergarten to the postgraduate levels. The aim of all Tokai schools is to provide an environment that fosters studentsí social and intellectual development enabling them to become critical-thinkers and problem-solvers with the broad perspectives to competently deal with not just with classroom activities, but also with the wide-range of situations they might encounter in the larger world. In addition, students are encouraged to strengthen their physical and intellectual skills through activities in sports and the arts, thus ensuring the holistic development of each student as citizens who make positive contributions to society.


Art, English, English as a Second Language, Language, Liberal Arts

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Associate's Colleges


2241 Kapiolani Blvd.
96826 Honolulu
United States
Phone: (808) 983-4100
Fax: (808) 983-4107

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United States

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