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January 17

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Honolulu University The objective of Honolulu University is to provide each and every person with the knowledge and resources that they need to enhance their lives, careers, families, communities and their nation. Honolulu University is committed to focusing on the needs of every individual. Many people are unable to attend traditional universities or colleges because of jobs and family commitments. We believe that knowledge does not have to be learned in a traditional classroom. Knowledge is what you gain when you have the desire and drive to learn incorporated with self-study and discipline. We believe that education should be offered to everyone.


Administration, Art, Business, Business Administration, Communication, Ministry, Education, Health, Health Sciences, Human Development, Management, Arts, Ministry, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Science, Sciences, Social Sciences, Theatre, Travel

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1314 South King Street, Suite 623
96814 Honolulu
United States
Phone: (808) 955-7333
Fax: (808) 946-3534

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United States

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