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February 20

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Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University is named to honour the Illustrious King Bhoj a Great Patron of Learning.

Raja Bhoj Deva, the most illustrious of the Parmar rulers of Malwa, was one of the greatest kings of ancient India. He ranks with the legendary Vikramaditiya of Ujjayani. In fact, both the names had gathered vast wealth of legend and knowledge around them. Bhojadeva's name became a household word in India not only as a soldier, but also as a builder, a scholar, an author and a great patron of learning. To honour his greatness in learning and significant contributions through education to the society, the Madhya Pradesh Government decided to establish Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University at Bhopal. The Parmars, who gained power and prestige under Munja and Sindhuraja, rose to imperial rank during the reign of Raja Bhoj. He ruled for a long period over a vast kingdom. He ascended the throne approximately in 1010 A.D. This is known from the Modasa copper plate inscription. He reigned till 1055 A.D. He was a great warrior and carried his sword to the four corners of India.

Due to the love for learning of Raja Bhoj and other Parmar Kings, scholars from all parts of the country used to flock here, hold discussions, prepare books and receive adequate financial help and honour. Raja Bhoj was so respected by the scholars that they conferred many titles on him. In 1043 A.D., Raja Bhoj established the famous university at Dhar for sanskrit studies, which is well known as the Bhojshala. The Bhojshala attracted scholars from all parts of the country. The famous statue of Vagadevi (Goddess of Speech) was installed here during his reign. It was executed in 1034 A.D. by the famous sculptor, Manthala. The goddess is in abhang pose and is in the British Museum, at present. The emblem of Bhoj university is dedicated to the memory of Goddess of Speech, and Learning Vagadevi.

The King Bhoj was a unique combination of a warrior and literary personality. A number of subjects including grammar, astronomy, alankara (poetics), architecture, religion and philosophy were taught in Bhojshala. Authorship of many authoritative books on various subjects are ascribed to him. He enunciated principles of art, architecture and vastushastra in his famous treatise Samarangarasutradhara and navigation, ship-building and marine engineering in Yuktikalpatru.


, Archaeology, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Applications, Economics, Education, English, Fashion Design, Geography, History, Journalism & Mass Communication, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science, Sociology, Zoology

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Undergraduate and Graduate Instructional Program


Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University, Kolar Road
462016 Bhopal
Madhya Pradesh
Phone: 0755-2492090
Fax: 0755-2424640…

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Admission Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University
Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University, Kolar Road
Madhya Pradesh
Phone: 0755-2492093
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