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Appalachian School of Law Appalachian School of Law
The Appalachian School of Law was organized in 1994 as an independent not-for-profit educational institution located in the Town of Grundy, Virginia. Governed by a Board of Trustees, the Law School provides a high quality program for the professional preparation of lawyers--the Juris Doctor or J.D. degree. The general curriculum emphasizes dispute resolution, ethics, and professional responsibilit…
Moritz College of Law - The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law - The Ohio State University
The Moritz College is a diverse and dynamic community of students and scholars where you can expect to take classes from faculty known nationally for their scholarship and teaching. The Moritz College has a faculty dedicated equally to preparing students for the legal profession and to exploring the cutting edge of their disciplines. Recognized by the Ohio State University through its Selective…
Lincoln Law School of Sacramento Lincoln Law School of Sacramento
The mission of Lincoln Law School of Sacramento is to provide an excellent legal education at an affordable cost to qualified applicants. By selecting students based on the total person, with emphasis on life experience, Lincoln Law School endeavors to provide educational opportunities to a diverse student population. Through an affordable, four-year, evening program, the school strives to meet th…
Lincoln Law School of San Jose Lincoln Law School of San Jose
Lincoln Law School of San Jose continues more than an 85-year tradition of seeking to provide California with lawyers who possess practical skills and superior ability. The Law School is an opportunity school--a school that seeks a student body as diverse as the population of our state, and provides a quality legal education to individuals who are qualified to study and practice law but who, becau…
Florida Coastal School of Law Florida Coastal School of Law
Lawyers and the legal profession have always been at the forefront of political, economic and social change. The present is no exception. Indeed, it is a particularly challenging and exciting time to contemplate a legal education. As you consider the pursuit of a legal education and a career in law, the first major decision you will face is the choice of a law school. The basic curriculum and t…
Massachusetts School of Law Massachusetts School of Law
Massachusetts School of Law, located in Andover, Massachusetts, is the most affordable of all New England law schools. The law school’s mission is to make practical, affordable, high quality legal education, and resulting social and economic mobility, available to persons who have been traditionally excluded from the legal profession. Massachusetts School of Law employs the “medical school” model …
University of California - Hastings University of California - Hastings
Hastings has entered the 21st century as one of the most exciting and vibrant legal education centers in the nation. Our faculty's interests and talents cover a broad spectrum of fields, allowing us to offer an incredibly diverse curriculum. Our student body also reflects a broad array of interests and backgrounds. Students hail from more than 120 universities and colleges across the count…
Jones County Junior College Jones County Junior College
Jones County Junior College is an open-door, two-year institution granting Associate in Arts degrees, Associate in Applied Science degrees, and Vocational Certificates; its mission is to provide programs and support services consistent with the ideals of a democratic society to meet the educational needs of students and communities in the Jones County Junior College District and surrounding areas.
San Francisco Law School San Francisco Law School
San Francisco Law School rose from the rubble of the 1906 earthquake and fire to establish itself as an independent evening law school. It incorporated in 1906 and became a non-profit in 1941. San Francisco Law School has been in its present location at 20 Haight Street since 1968.
Silicon Valley University Law School Silicon Valley University Law School
University of Silicon Valley Law School was established for the purpose of helping working adults obtain a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) Degree. For those who wish to use their legal education to become an attorney our students may qualify for the California Bar Examination. Our evening schedule makes it possible for working adults to attend three evening classes per week and affords students the …

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