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May 24

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For being totally convinced about which is the University that finally fits better to your necessities, the best way is to take some time to visit the campus by your own, it may not look a very important point but at last you will notice it's the only way to know what's happening inside the University you are considering to spend the next years of your academic career.
  There are some important tips to take on count when visiting the University campus and discover how is the University inside, because you take part of a guided visit, the people in charge of showing you the best of the University will do exactly that, just show you the best that University has to offer you, and it depend of you to take the time to know what is behind that image they will surely try to sell about the campus and the University life.

  First of all, try to talk with many students as you can, they will tell you how they feel inside the University, if it meets all the expectatives they had about the university life or if they have felt dissapointed and why.

  Try to assit to at least one class of your major, if you already have one on mind, it would be helpful but in some universities it's not possible, for whose are not regular students, anyway it's worth trying.

  When you visit the campus read the bulletin boards, generally it's there where you can see what the students think and feel, actually, it's the best way to see the University's situation broadly, you will know if there are some problems inside the classrooms or if the students don't feel comfortable with some facts, or if is all the opposite and everything is fine and there isn't any kind of complain.

  One of the places with more afluence of students, and where everyone of them can talk about anything they want, is in the dining hall, and is exactly there where you can attend to a variety of attitudes and behaviours, it would be great if you can sit on a table with some of them and begin a talk right there, but if you are with your family you can sit and watch what is happening around you, is easy to notice what kind of atmosphere it is, if it's one tense or familiar, if everybody seems to be ok or if there are some kind of problems inside, try to listen the student's comments and also keep an eye on the people who's working there, if the treat they offer is the appropriate, if the meal is good enough, and surely you will notice how's the life inside that university without having to spend a lot of time there.

  Another useful advice, though it takes a little more time, is trying to pass one night at the University or College, thus you can know if the University has strict rules of good conduct, and if those rules are met, try to see what are doing the students after midnight, this is a good way to see if there is enough responsability of students and professors.

  Luckily, you'll be able to make a date with a professor of the University, try to talk with at least one and preferably of your major, if you reach to talk with a professor ask him or her about the strengths the University has to offer you in the major you are interested, and why they think it's a good University for you, if he or she doesn't have the time to speak with you then you will notice which is the way the things work out in that educational center.

  And if you want to keep all your impressions maybe you'll prefer to record them and take photos of the places you visit in the University.

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