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June 26

Associate's degrees

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The associate degree was introduced in 1900 by the University of Chicago with the intention of lead to employment or advancement in a specific career. Degrees are available from public community colleges, private two-year colleges, technical institutes, and many 4-year colleges and universities.

For many students, the best part of associate degrees is the opportunity to enter an interesting profession. These degrees require that students complete about 60 college credits.

Main advantages of associate degrees are lower costs, evening and online classes for those with part-time jobs, and the location of the schools. Online classes make it convenient for students and help to work around their schedule. Popular degrees offer online are an Associates of Art or an Associates of Arts in Business Administration.

  Types of Associate degree

There are two types of associate degrees:
  Occupationally focused degrees:

Prepare students for work immediately after graduation. There are general education courses (math, writing, speech) and more specific courses to an occupational major. Teachers spend more time conducting demonstrations and leading practical exercises, they are most focused in real-life issues.

An essential part of associate degrees is the internship opportunities or co-op, where students work full time in a job related to his/her studies (for co-op) or in the school (for internship) just for limited time then returns to school.

Occupational degrees have different titles:
-  Associate of applied science
-  Associate of apply arts
-  Associate of apply technology and
-  Associate of occupational studies.
  Transfer degrees:

Prepare students to move into bachelorís degree programs. All the courses take in this degree will transfer to a 4-year school. Most 2 year colleges have agreements with universities, making easier the transfer process.

The titles of transfer degrees are: associate of arts, associate of science, associate of fine arts and associate of Arts in teaching.
  Associate degree careers

To obtain a career in exactly 2-years, students need to choose an occupational major in their school career. With an associate degree students are training for several occupations like computer support technician, funeral director, paralegal, engineering technician among others. Some of the most popular career areas available with an associate degree are:
  Agriculture and landscaping
  Arts and design
  Business administration
  Education and childcare
  Social work
  Veterinarian technician
  Precision production

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