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April 20

A Community College is a good option?

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There are many reasons that would take us to choose a Community College, not in every case a four-years college is the best option for everyone, if you are thinking to study in a Community College should read what we have for you, some useful facts:

  Maybe one of the main reasons to take in count a Community College is the money, surely it's not very wise to base your decision on this point, but it's necessary to know that studying in a Community College can save you and your family thousands of dollars, and if you are afraid of payment in the University you want and if you don't reach the correct califications to achieve for a scholarship, it's better to think in a Community College as a good option.

  If you didn't get the best test score, don't worry because the Community college has open-admissions, moreover you will have the oportunity to improve your grades, so if someday you decide to transfer to any other four-year College the adission office will consider your grades in the Community College more than those of your High School, it will be the right time to become a serious student.

 Sometimes we can not give all of our time to the studies, if you are paying your studies by youself you know the responsabilities are greater and you need to work and study at the same time, generally four-year colleges demand all of your time to be dedicated to the studies, something that you can't do. But in Community Colleges are more facilities for this kind of students, there are only weekend classes, and classes only at night, so you can take more advantage of your time, without any doubt this is a good help for everyone who needs to work.

 Sometimes the career you've chosen doesn't demand four years of studies, careers of technology and services are a good example, they could be done in less time, the appropiate time to study this kind of careers is given in Community Colleges.

  Many students at the end of High School can't decide about going to a four-year College or not, if they get into one only becasue they have to, finally they obtain as results their time wasted and thousand of dollars spent in vain, maybe a Community College would be helpful for knowing if you are prepared to spend some years studying in a career.

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