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That which really marks the difference in a scholarship will be your essays, your presentation. We know that is not easy to write a good essay, but stay calm, the most important is to create in the readers a big impact, how? Here you will found out.
 Understand the directions; once you read it, follow them, and if you do not understand one of them, ask for help. Ensure the readers that you can read it, understand it clearly and follow any instruction.

 Complete all questions; answering to all of them, do not leave any in blank. If you would find one that not apply to you, put "Not applicable", otherwise your application would be not accepted.

 Compose an interesting essay; most of the students can not write an interesting enough essay, the purpose of an essay is to leave the readers engage and attract their attention. Think about what would be interesting for you; maybe about a specific topic, hobby, history, etc. Help yourself recording what you have been thinking and then transcribing it.
 Make a sketch first; once you have the topic, focus yourself in it, so first write an outline to make a structure of the final essay. The idea of an outline is to organize your arguments, ideas and conclusions I a better and understandable way for your readers.

 Make examples; the readers will understand what you mean better if you give some concrete examples, such as your qualities, community service, etc. and how you applied it in other jobs or live.

 Do not evaluate yourself; if you are talking about yourself try to avoid not to talk and qualify yourself, this will be appropriate just when you are writing about any experience, how it affected and how it will your future.

 With no exaggeration; do not never try to exaggerate any situation or experience you had lived, this action could damage your application. Likewise, if the sponsors ask you about your knowledge do not be dishonest, instead ratter to say “I do not know”.

 Ask for help and advice; will be better for you to recollect a second or third opinion about your essay, and all your file application. Always will be helpful to correct some possible errors and receive some suggestions, but this does not mean to rewrite it.

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