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January 15

Recommendation Letters and Interviews

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 Recommendation Letters:

- A recommendation letter is your helper in the selection of your scholarship because it is used as an extra point and you must ensure it. Here you will find some tips and advices to get a perfect recommendation letter.
 Just the good ones; you will find people and teachers that even when they are not a good writers, they will talk better than good about you. If you would have the change to choose your supporters, try to find relevant and perfect people that fit with the sponsorís ideas; as same as a person who knows about you and your qualifications, but do never ask for help, in this situations, to a relative. Furthermore, do not ask for a copy to the recommender that would be suspicious for the jury, but you do send a thank you note.

 Make a list of your accomplishments; for both your academic skills and your extracurricular skills, because this will be really important for the jury demonstrating your take care for your future with no omitting of relevant aspects.

- Maybe this will be most exciting part for some, and the most difucult part for others. But, the key is just to know what and how to say it. In this part of the process the jury will evaluate you directly in order to know more about your skills making questions and clarifying any doubt.
 Practicing; asking for help to any relative or friend to talk with you as you both would be in an interview; at the end you will get familiar and forget the nervous.
 Punctuality; the fact to be on time for an interview demonstrates your sense of responsibility so will be better if you arrive few minutes early.

 Dressing; will be better if you wear some jacket, a suit and a tie, reflecting cleanliness. Do not get crazy and wear a t-shirt with jeans. Remember that the first impression is the one that counts.

 Decisions; being a determined person means a lot for the jury, because you can not get a scholarship and later change your mind and pass to another. If you still have not made a decision will be better to not apply and get the scholarship.

 Relevancy; demonstrating you are the best candidate due to your relevant background and qualifications for the award and answering every question directly.

 Confident; displaying your positive mind and answers you will produce a positive result in the interviewer.

 Respectful; showing good manners such as giving a handshake, making eye contact, using the words "thank you" and "please", do not chewing gum, being smart, do not smoking, being clean, do not biting your nails, etc. will be a proof of who you really are.

 Thinking twice; sometimes most of the jury use atypical questions or act strange, because they want to see how you will react. So, stay calm and think twice before answering with a pause.

 Making questions; Come prepared with a question or two of your own, but do not ask a question that is already answered by the application materials.

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