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June 26

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The United States has a large tradition if we talk about Universities rankings, since many years ago the universities rankings are an important step to take on count before choosing a University.

College and University rankings are listings based in some factors, there are rankings of universities based in quality, statistics or surveys of students, high school students, profesors, scholars, educators or others.

Furthermore of University rankings there are also academic programs rankings, schools and departments. Ranking can be very different between one country and another but here we show you World and United States rankings.

Here are the most important World University rankings and University rankings in the United States:

 Rank of World Top Universities
 Distribution by Country

 Rank of Top Universities in the United States
 Top Public Universities in United States
 Top Private Universities in United States

 Top World and United States Universities by Subject

Some of the most complete and prestigious rankings are the following:
  America's Best Colleges 2008: One of the best known rankings about northamerican universities, there are listings of different categories, related with the academic quality of students and teachers, the quality of campus, and other facts.

  The Top American Research Universities: This listing is realized by a investigation group from the University of Florida and shows the first 100 best Universities in the United States.

  Financial Times Business Education Rankings: The rankings are made by the Financial Times and list academic programs for executives of business schools around the world.

  Webometrics: Offers listings of more than 4 000 Universities and are produced by the Cybermetrics lab. The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities is one of the most reliable rankings and started in 2004, the main point in which the ranking is based is in the volume of web content and in the popularity of this web publication.

  Princeton Review Rankings: A complete list of universities ordered in different categories, based in the opinion of the students.

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