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January 18

Appalachian Bible College

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Appalachian Bible College Appalachian Bible College was founded in September of 1950 at the Independent Baptist Church in Pettus, West Virginia, by Rev. & Mrs. Lester Pipkin (from Minnesota) and Pastor & Mrs. Robert Guelich (from Pettus), to begin a Bible training institute for the youth of the Appalachian Mountains. The Pipkins had earlier been involved in initiating a Bible institute in Kentucky and the Guelichs had experienced a productive pastoral ministry among the mountain people of West Virginia.

Appalachian Bible College, the operational arm of an independent mission agency, serves the fundamentalist Christian community in the strengthening of local churches. Educational programs of the College promote the development of responsible Christian character and maturity, and prepare graduates for vocational and volunteer church-related service. These programs consist of a carefully balanced and integrated sequence of college-level courses in Bible and Theology, professional studies, and general studies, as well as co-curricular opportunities for growth through devotional activities, practical Christian service, and active community living.


Art, Bible, Elementary Education, Family, Missions, Music, Nursing, Pastoral Studies, Theology, Youth Ministry

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Theological seminaries


5701 Robert C. Byrd Dr.
WV25818 Bradley
West Virginia
United States
Phone: (304) 877-6428
Fax: (304) 877-5082

 Admissions office:

Admission Office
West Virginia
United States
Phone: 1-800-678-9ABC(9222)

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