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December 18

Asbury Theological Seminary

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Asbury Theological Seminary Asbury Theological Seminary was founded "to prepare and send forth a well-trained, sanctified, Spirit-filled, evangelistic ministry" to spread scriptural holiness throughout the world. The contemporary form of this mission commits the Seminary to maintain a multidenominational, multicultural community which:
* Pursues the union of sound learning and vital piety through excellence in graduate, professional and continuing studies for ordained and lay ministries and provides resources for scholarly leadership in the Wesleyan-Arminian tradition;
* Nurtures men and women called of God for parish ministry and other forms of servant leadership in the experience and practice of personal and social holiness as defined by Scripture and Wesleyan theology;
* Encourages its members, in their teachings, scholarship and service, to live out the witness of a Spirit-filled life formed by the authority of Scripture; and
* Prepares women and men for prophetic ministries of redemption and renewal in an increasingly urbanized and secularized world.


Art, Biblical Studies, Christian Education, Counseling, Divinity, Education, Evangelism, Intercultural Studies, Ministry, Pastoral Studies, Philosophy, Theological Studies, Theology, Youth Ministry

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Theological seminaries


204 North Lexington Avenue
KY 40390 Wilmore
United States
Phone: (859) 858-3581

 Admissions office:

204 North Lexington Avenue
KY 40390Wilmore
United States
Phone: (859) 858-2211
Email: admissions_office@asburyseminary.ed……

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