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February 23

Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary

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Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary Faith Baptist Bible College recognizes truth as absolute. Through the educational process the faculty recognizes its responsibility as Christian leaders, under the ministry of the Holy Spirit, both to impart and to train students to discover truth. The recognition of truth involves proper rational processes based upon valid presuppositions. It occurs when the natural world is studied as God's creation and when Scripture is studied as God's revelation to the human race, setting forth truths that mankind would not otherwise discover.


Administrative Assistant, Bible, Bible Teaching, Biblical Studies, Christian Education, Church Ministry, Communication, Evangelism, History, Humanities, Math, Ministry, Missions, Natural Sciences, Pastoral Ministries, Pastoral Studies, Physical Education, Social Sciences, Theological Studies, Christian Ministry, Theology

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Specialized Institutions--Theological seminaries


1900 NW Fourth Street
50021  Ankeny
United States
Phone: (515) 964-0601
Fax: 515-964-1638

 Admissions office:

United States
Phone: (888) FAITH4U

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