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June 19

Family of Faith College

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Family of Faith College Family of Faith College is a private Christian non-profit college located north of Shawnee in central Oklahoma. The college was foundedby the decree of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of educating,discipling, and training laborers for the kingdom of God. The collegeequips students, or laborers, spiritually, academically, andpractically to accomplish the Great Commission through effectiveservice in churches, Christian schools, businesses, and Bible collegesworldwide. God has given us a very unique and clear mandate to raise uplaborers who are nurtured in an atmosphere of intercession and deepcovenant relationships. We are not an institution, but a family joinedtogether by our God and Father. The relationships with our graduatesdo not end at graduation, but continue through a network of churches sothat each graduate becomes productive in the vision of "Orchestrating a Worldwide Penetration of the Gospel."


Art, Biblical Studies, Business, Church Ministry, Education, General Studies, Ministry, Theological Studies

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PO Box 180 - 530 Kinville
74802-1805 Shawnee
United States
Phone: (405) 275-5331
Fax: (405) 273-8535

 Admissions office:

United States

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