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May 24

Interview Tips

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  College Interview tips
  Don’t be late; arrive at the location of the interview at least ten minutes early.
  Don’t be nervous, be yourself and try to relax, if you have prepared and practiced you will make a good impression.
  You should present yourself confidently, be straight but not rigid. Try to have direct eye contact and not looking down showing your nervousness.
  Memorize responses is not good, you should conserve your spontaneity and answer questions as a real person, not like a robot with a learned speech. Be focused and honest.
  Manage your body language; the interview is a visual world where you can communicate a lot with your gesture, posture and facial expression.
  Not response questions with short answers show you have things to say and that you are comfortable with the conversation.
  It is advisable to be friendly, but not use too casual language like “Yeah” or “Uh-uh.”
  Stay calm when questions get tough, it is much better to say “I don’t know” than to pretend to be an expert. You may answer politely with “I will have to think that over ”
  Read the newspaper to keep up on current events, the interviewer may ask your opinion about an important present event.
  Try to make notes about the conversation and take it into account for your other interviews.
  Write a thank you note to the interviewer, you can mention something discussed in the interview.

  What to wear

Try to dress in something comfortable but not too casual. For women, nice slacks and a blouse with a blazer or a simple dress are recommended. Shoes should be not with high heels, try to use shoes with low or medium heels. For men, nice pants with a shirt, jacket and tie should be a good choice. Jeans, caps and sneakers are too casual, try to not use them. Other inappropriate its are too elegant clothes like gowns, tuxes and full suits.

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