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May 23

What challenges? - What threats? - What expectations?

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 What challenges?

  Training and studying to go further by their own.
  Being sensible to those times when is necessary to take a big career decision.
  Inducting recently learnt information and skills into their work so that to create influence in their co-workers and their appreciation.
  Adapting them to the possible changes and trend of either, their company or industry, becoming a potential competitor.
  Adjusting their career goals to their personal life, their people around and their duties.
  Demonstrating ambitious, not as ruthless, but having human touch skills.
  Improving their skills to keep climbing in the job, or changing companies in other to get better inside an industry.
 What threats?
  Be sure about your decisions, for example, you could start monitoring yourself during some time, the necessary to see if the right choice was made. Most of the workers decide to change the job they were working for a long time, for another job with a better salary and work conditions, but they still keep feeling they did a wrong decision.

  Envy from your equals is really common no matter the place or environment. Anytime you could be one of those envied people at work, so it is better to be friendly, collective, serviceable, and try to not create hate from your co-workers.

  Do not create dislikes about yourself, of course there will be always people who do not really like you, but would be better if you are aware of their moves. You would consider joining a group and try to be as nice as you can, but do not forget to always watch your own back out.

  Do not allow that your personal life mix up with your career, you could harm your family or social life, and do not let your personal problem interfere with your work.

  Demonstrate that you are not looking for a promotion or trying to pass over somebody’s office; on the other hand, show them you’re you are looking to move forwards into another company once you got more experience.
 What expectations?
  May would be harder to achieve than a social status, but not impossible. Get professional reputation is certainly another career builder’s objective.

  All career builders will fight for it; this is economic well being. So, to get this, you will need to plan and organize your whole lifetime career to become richer than the average.

  As a personal aspiration, everybody dreams to get a social status, this means to get a legitimate goal in all career builders, an objective.

  Any career to become successful needs security; this means economic resources for you and your family, you feel useful and realized professionally, etc.

  Whatever your job is, you need to have fun. Even though there always are boring or harder parts at work, generally you love your profession because you feel good doing it. So, “play at job”.

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