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May 23

Working at Home?

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As we all know, the population is growing and the job opportunities are decreasing, but a career builder must not keep fighting. In fact, these last years many people have started to work from home, and Internet has become the perfect service and helper joining people from and at anywhere in the world.

However; computer, phone or power outages problems, family interruptions; and/or any little thing could be a potential distraction.
-  Combine leisure, rest and work at the time you need it.
-  Total flexibility about schedules.
-  More time to be with your family, being useful if you have to take care of babies and little children.
-  Permanent distractions that could affect your work quality.
-  You will have to be dissociated form society and sometimes it may affect you.
-  Not many contract jobs, due to they are not sure if you will finish the job at time.
-  Ensure compatibility between your profession and skills with your home working.
-  Guarantee the distance and separation among work space and home space.
-  Establish respect with the members of your family to your office, explaining you need to create the proper conditions.

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