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May 23

What tips?

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 Safe copies of your job descriptions

Keep a copy you will maintain your own review, knowing about your achieved objectives and plans. So, one day when you look back over you will know exactly how much you have changed and improved yourself through the years.

  Maintain your CV updated.

Add your new achievements, skills, and projects every time you increase your knowledge. Besides, you will know yourself about your own career path.

  Compile information of your achievements.

For each work you have done, ask for a certificate, also this would be a letter or email, anything that appreciate your job, sale or work gave it by your boss or some senior. This material will help you in your future for interviews or finding a new and better job.

  Establish what your motivations are.

Find out those things that like doing. This time will be useful to know about yourself discovering what your skills, strengths, qualities and objectives are. On the other hand, also determine yourself what dislike doing in order to know your weaknesses. It would be better if you write them down to check regularly.

  List your objectives.

Everybody dreams with become someone. So, whatever your dreams are, you just need to focus on it. First, depending on your goal divided it in smaller parts and you will be starting to move closer. Then, set a closer goal to get to the big goal establishing a short term to get it. Finally, continue going forwards until you get what you have been dreaming.

  Gather job ads.

This will help you to know more about your environment, even if you have decided to stay at your same company, this will open your mind to identify new roles or activities that may attract you.

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