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May 23

What are the main types of Career Builders?

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Everybody, once is graduated, becomes a Career builder. What does it mean? A Career builder is everybody all the people around you, ordinary people who are conscious and concern about their career. The most important is their own decision to achieve their goals with a big step.

As a Career Builder, you will be able to choose whatever you want to do, maybe starting a language course, studying in an online course, changing jobs, etc.; all of them are a little part of their goals, all their ideas since when they were kids, are able to execute.

Maybe they will not do it just as dreamed but really close to the general idea in order to become what they always have dreamed for their future. Remember that every single step is a rock for your entire life. However, there are people who do not care about it, but never is too late to start, programming a schedule, or at least, an agenda.

  Moderate career builder.

These people are those who never get obsessed focussing their career objectives and making a reconsideration of them. Most of them look back from time to time to imagine themselves ahead, taking advices. These people will not doubt about making changes, even though it may means to delay time to get to their new objectives. This type of Career Builder is the person that all of us should wish to be.

  Doubtful career builder.

These people are those who have clear objectives and purpose but they are not sure if they are on the good way or not. Their excessive doubting caused in them a big frustration in their current job. Generally, these are the kind of people who always choose the wrong career, no matter if they were brilliant or succeed in their careers.

  Careless career builder.

These people are those who have a clear focus of what they want in their lives, and what their purposes are. However, they can not connect their ordinary life with work, taking fatal decisions; in addition, they can not look back and take a better look of their future from a different perspective.

  Obsessive career builder.

These people are those who never take one step forward without considering how it will change their future CV. The disadvantage is how it affects her/his personal life because they would consider not having children or getting married. Generally, this will transform into an obsession, becoming completely inadequate to achieve progress.

  Non economic career builder.

These people are those who need to choose a career path compatible with their economic reality. This means, they are that kind of people who are always interested in acknowledgement. Most of artists, political activists, writers and social activists are into this category.

  Non-career builder.

These people are those who are not aware about their future, and this necessarily does not mean they are irresponsible. This type of Career Builder describe all those who either ainít have a clear focus of specific career objectives, or those who are committed to an activity.

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