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May 23

How to think? and What to Do?

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  How to think?

  Each achievement in the current job is the next step for a future decision in your career.
  Be aware to faster climbing in your career, that may means a future climb down in a future.
  Forget about the salary. Even though you know you will earn less, remember you will learn more.
  In a future, this consultancy company will look great in your CV, showing your developed skills and climbed positions.
  Keep in mind that every single move and decision will affect your career.
  Consider any small career decision as a part of your career goals.
  Do not take a long holiday period without responsibilities or goals to accomplish.
  There are many consultancy multinationals. Even though they do not pay too much, you will have much more marks and contacts that will help you to find something better.
  Each developed and learnt skill during your studies or job will help in your future global career strategy.
  See yourself as a career builder.
  What to do?
  Observance cover.
Working as an observance cover means that more than participate in a specific role, you are following and observing the performed activities. However, sometimes you will have your opportunity to cover for absent co-workers, new mothers, or those people who just leave, including holidays. This will be your chance to learn as more as you can aspire to go for higher levels.

Between big varieties of courses, seminars, trainings, sessions, etc. offered by your company or employers, which would help you to focus yourself maintaining trained in order to reach your needs and goals as close as possible. Besides, all this will help you as well to improve your CV.

This means to be transferred to another department or division, or, even to another company, to do a specific job. Also called secondments, and it could vary in length, experience, facet, opportunity, value, etc.

It is sometimes called mentoring. When you will establish a relationship with a kind of manager, it means with a more experienced colleague. This person will contributes you with counseling, direction, instruction and advising. At the end, you will feel more self-confident, motivated, inspired and with more experience to catch your aspirations.

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