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May 23

Career Education Glossary: H - Z

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 Head Hunter This is a colloquial term given to recruiters or employment agencies that intermediate human resources. For one side, they look for companies with workers requirements and for the other, they seek people with specific skills; in order to fill that places.
 Human Capital This is the result of adding skills, disposition, knowledge, and expertise that belongs to someone from an organization. Besides, this result is used in employment and contributes with the economy.
 Human performance technology It is the amount of methods and processes that are use to improve job performance in individuals, groups and organizations.
 Inmersion courses These are when in the teaching of foreign languages, the practice communication is only taught in that language.
 Infusion This is a process that integrates career education goals with academic levels.
 Internship It is a one-on-one relationship in which someone can improve learning in the “hands-on” place; in order to get more experience and improve their activities related to their careers.
 Job satisfaction This is a term used to know how happy is the employee with his or her job, such as the work, the value, the impact, the compensations, etc.
 Job shadowing This is when a student who has finished his or her degree program can observe the daily tasks of the employees within an organization and then he or she will be interviewed about his or her work and education.
 Life coaching It is a big group of techniques used by counsellors to help their clients in progressions of their personal life and actualization.
 Lifelong learning This is a non-credit course which is offer by any school or college which looks for instruct the students in issues related to parenting, government, health relations, consumer economics, senior citizens, and human relations.
 Mentor They must assure the development of academic skills providing guidance on career-related, workplace culture, interdisciplinary projects, etc.
 Mentoring This is the relationship among two persons, one with little experiences knowledge and the other with more knowledge, who give the other advice in order to find more opportunities.
 Moonlighting This term is used to describe those people who have the experience of working in multiple jobs.
 Non-traditional careers These are careers in which less than 25% of the workers are one gender; and this could mean a difficulty when someone is looking for job.
 On-the-Job Training This is when the students receive hands-on training in specific occupational skills. It is related with apprentices.
 Online learning It is when the education is provided by e-Learning over the Internet.
 Portfolio Portfolios are used by young and adult people to organize their career and educational plans. A portfolio is also a collection of student work that shows effort, progress, and achievements in one or more areas.
 Postsecondary It is refer to education beyond high school such as technical colleges, community college, a baccalaureate degree or higher, universities, and private technical schools.
 Prerequisite It is a requirement for registration in a particular course of study.
 Resume This is a document in which is contained a list of relevant job experience and education, with the objective of finding a new job.
 School-to-career program This is a program that combines school-based learning with on-the-job instruction into a structured learning experience.
 Self-employment It is a term use to define a self-employed person who works for himself/herself.
 Self-instruction It is the process in which the learner step-by-step receive instructional education through himself or herself.
 Skills They are the learned abilities and knowledge that will have to be developed in order to get successful job performance.
 Undergraduate This term refers to those students in undergraduate programs, which are managed to bachelors or first professional degree.
 Work-based learning This is a program that provides experience and activities for student learners teaching them the importance of what is learned in school to what it takes to be successful at the workplace.
 Work exploration These are those courses in which the students get experience at the workplace, so then; they will be able to learn more about work, to develop employability skills, and to know how to make better decisions.
 Work readiness This is the term that characterizes those students that are prepare for the culture and demands of the workplace, including formal orientation to the goals and expectations of the program.
 Work study It is refer to those students who use work-based learning in order to develop skills to be used in specific occupations.
 Workforce development education This is mostly used by adult education consisting in a continue workforce education course or program to get complex point.
 Youth apprenticeship It is an integrated program which combines the study of school with work-based learning facilitating the changing from secondary to postsecondary education and giving the opportunity to earn a high school diploma.

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