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May 23

Computer skills and Negotiation skills

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  Increasing computer skills:

Nowadays, everything is all about computers and informatics, so that you need to be permanently learning more about new programs and updating of well know ones. Besides, you should not forget about some basics in hardware like configurations of networks, servers, extra components installations, etc.
  Take courses of software applications, this will be an extra line to get a new job or improve the current one. You could include web designing or web marketing.
  Take extra computer courses. May use online class if you do not have much time.
  Read tutorials of the recently most frequent use programs.
  Learning negotiation skills:

Do you know how to negotiate? If not, you should start learning right now. This skill gives you the opportunity to progress in your career, your job and your promotions. Furthermore, most of the employers appreciate this skill very much.

If you look to world around you, all is about Negotiation, when you go to buy something, or when you want to change your tasks at work, or when you are talking with your kids or family.

Sometimes negotiate could be easy, but others could be really frustrating and hard to win. To have an effective result, the negotiation must be the support of both parts to find a solution and both well out. Otherwise, if you just with keep a hostile attitude you will win nothing else than defeat and fight.

Some tips to be successful:
  Arrange extra options in advance, before entering into a negotiating. A second option if the other part does not accept your requests.
  Do not get mad or start to argue; if you disagree with the other part just establish your way politely.
  Look for the other partís concerns and needs might be.
  Maintain your needs, which means, you have to know what and why you need it.
  Be careful about establishing the right moment to start with a negotiation, for both parties.
  Ensure whatever you have heard or read from the other part.

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