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May 23

Acquiring leadership skills

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Leadership is that kind of skill that can be developed by experience and knowledge. Its progress depends on its perfection. So basically, you need to be a good communicator, to have the ability to think on your feet, to be humorous, to be flexible, to be compelling, and to have empathy.

  Gathering information:

A true leader knows exactly what to do to obtain information from the people that lead. Once the leader receives the information, he or she must prove the info has not been changed or wrong.

Nowadays, the information has many ways to be delivered, for example, each office has at least one computer; but this is not the problem, the problem is that the information could be wrong, the most important thing is what the person has written and how it has been stored. So,
  Give undivided attention.
  Keep eye contact.
  Greet new ideas with attention.
  Demonstrate your interest to learn as much as you can, paying attention.
  Use individual's name.
  Smile, relax, and be friendly.
  Sharing your information.

No matter if you just remember are great speaking or collecting information; as a leader you must share the information you have.
  Vary your tone and pace.
  Use proper language that everyone understands.
  Use charts, maps, and diagrams.
  Speak clearly.
  Do not pass judgement on the question.
  Go from the general to the specific.
  Take notes of the main ideas and review them.
  Understanding your group.

As a leader you should recognize and understand the group you are leading, their needs, their weakness and strengths and their characteristics of the group members.

Through the time, there are many things you will learn; then, in your future, you will use it as a tool which will help you to understand your own needs and then, to understand other people's. Remember that a leader is the person who has matured through the time and the experience. If that is not enough, there is also leadership degrees that can help you excel in this area. All companies, programs, and organizations need some type of leader. Obtaining a degree such as a Masters in Organizational Leadership can increase the responsiveness of your audience due to the knowledge and skills youíve gained.
  Acquire knowledge of your groupís relationship.
  Develop activities to increase your group performance.
  Identify and make to your group the SWOT Analysis.
  Evaluate the difference between their values, their norms, their needs, and their characteristics.
  Controlling your group.

Controlling is not to be in control of your teams, it is also to manage both the externally and internally duties, joining individual efforts to achieve a single focused goal. The best way do it, is by the example; in this way, your team will do all the same you did once.
  Give their hardest to improve the task.
  Do an excellent job.
  Have a mature behaviour.
  Follow instructions with no supervision.
  Show a positive attitude.
  Knowing your group.

If you are a leader, you need to know the group that you are leading; it means to know your members and their needs. Most of the members of a group have demonstrated better enthusiasm working hard, if, their leader fulfils their needs. Thus, remember being open mind to the individuals of your group, responding to their requests, and supporting positively for tough times; in change, you will win the commitment from group members.

  Representing your group.

If representing to your group would be necessary, you should know that a specific issue beforehand; so thus, your representation will be much more manageable; and even better, if you posses decision-making skills.
  Understand completely the nature of the problem.
  Be conscious of the decision you take.
  Be able to communicate it to others.
  Communicate clearly with each member of the group
  Be consistent and fair, if there would be more than a part.
  Learning from your group.

Even though you would be the best leader in the world, everybody has something new to learn. So, no matter what the goals are, just knowing the groupís individuals characteristics, they will be able to fit in using their efforts and talents.

  Being respectful.

As a leader, remember that you are the example that you want your group take to follow, so you must give instructions in proper tones and with manners, trying to not to sound so bossy and encouraging in them, individual initiative to make significant contributions.

  Recognizing achievements.

Praising your individuals when they have contributed to a big or small task, giving their best; is the most important and powerful skill that places you at the right time and place. Besides, your group will recognized in you also, your confidence in them when you do not stand over their shoulders.
  Look for reworking people, those who like to fix mistakes.
  People who accomplished a task more quickly.
  Those who are doing well.

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