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May 23

Managing Time

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Whatever you need to do everyday, you need to organize and manage your time. But, this also does not mean to just have time for get lazy; on the other hand, you have to know how to manage your time in order to produce results.

  Focusing on.

Determinate in what you should focus on. Maybe already happened this to you once; when you have been doing a hard task, doing a lot of work but you feel you are not going anywhere.

This happen just because you have not been focused enough to determinate where to really start with, taking care of doing what you really enjoy to do. Otherwise, you will just wasting your time and performance.

  Costing your time.

Do you know how much your time cost? First, you should know if you are making of your time, a profitable one. Then, consider your time at job and calculate it by year. Finally, the results will give you an estimate of how much your time is worth.

  Concentrating on your strengths.

Besides knowing what your likes and dislikes are, you need to know what your talents and weaknesses are. Maybe you have heard about the SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats Analysis); it would be a good idea to take for testing yourself and knowing in which job you could fit in.

  Enjoying your time.

As lines up, it is really important to be sure yourself that whatever you are doing is because you love to do it, enjoying everything. Just in this way, the quality and quantity of your job will be satisfying for your bosses and yourself.

  Becoming excellent.

The only way that somebody becomes excellent is doing what that person loves to do. Thus, this person could ensure that he or she is concentrating on the right things. Here, there are some little questions you should answer to know how excellent you could be.
-  What is the purpose of the job?
-  What is the broader picture within which you have to work?
-  What are the priorities and deadlines?
-  What resources are available?
-  What is exceptional performance?
-  What are the measures of success?
-  What costs are acceptable?
-  How does this relate to other people?

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