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May 23

Personality and Public Speaking skills

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  Building personality:

Everyone knows or has been heard about personality skills, but just a part of this group knows how to improve them. Everybody has a different type of personality, but some of them use it in the best way taking benefits of it.

*  Advantages
  Courage yourself to make proper decisions getting desired results.
  Find out your intuitive powers and perceptions.
  Forget about impatient emotions.
  Achieve your inner ability for your personal power and happiness.
  Block negative emotions, attitudes, fears and phobias.
  Reanimate your dreams and goals.
  Eliminate the stress that breaks down your health.
  Enhancing Public Speaking skills:

Some people have problems speaking in public, and even more if the speech is related to serious matters. Thus, many workers can be stopped by this problem. So, as one of the most important skills to improve, you should start right now, because it is a big determinate of communication success.

Try to participate in those times when there are meetings and presentations; so, you will be prepare for improve your communications skills.

Once you feel prepare, forget to be shy and go ahead. For those things that you consider that are the most important, make a pause and continue talking; this is really helpful for both you to take a breath and for your public ask about if they have doubts. Remember to be always concise, using appropriate short words and sentences and supporting them with easy understanding examples.

* Make your own questions:

When you have to start a presentation or speech, think about these little questions that will be helpful to feel more confident.
  What do they have in common?
  Who are you speaking to?
  What are their interests and values?
  How can you best give your message?
  What is the physical context of the communication?
  What do they expect from you?
  Where should you communicate?
  What disposes them to listen?
  When is the best time to communicate each idea?
  What do you wish to communicate?
  Why should they listen to you?
  What are you going to say?

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