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May 23

Job Interviews

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Any interview could be stressing, but only for you, but also for the interviewer, because both of you must guarantee “the new employer”, so both feel the same pressure.

So, here you will find all to make a successful job interview, including type of questions, sample questions, how to negotiate your salary, interview tips and many more for Jobseekers and for interviewers.


Depending on the interviewers or maybe the organization, there are many types of interviews, and both of them could choose to use any, such as stress interview, one on one interview, screening interview, launch interview, committee interview, group interview, telephone interviews, informational interviews, lunch interview, and even interviews during a meal.

Furthermore, actually many employers rather to identify and recruit people by Telephone Interviews, or they would look for a second interview; and in both cases you may not know for how long time you will have to speak. In that case you should be prepared, too.
 Telephone Interviews

Recently used in order to choose better those applicants who are worth to be invited for an in-person interview, in this way the organization decrease the number of possible candidates minimizing time.

 Second Interviews

These interviews are for those who have already passed the first interview. Usually, these appointments are just for organized a schedule due to the company is really interested on you.

No matter if you have gone to thousands of interviews, you will always feel stress, and more than any you know the answer to that is PREPARATION. Maybe it will take some time to take the "standard" interview questions, but once you have finished you will feel ready for anyone. Do not feel complete just with these questions; furthermore, look for extra information such as the company you are applying to, and relate both of your knowledge to feel more than ready.

There are different types of questions, according to the interview and the interviewer you could use them. Such as types of questions, general questions, job specifics questions, behavioural interview questions, illegal interview questions, questions about disabilities, sample interview questions, questions by function, questions for an academic job, questions for laboratory jobs, questions for clerical positions, questions for teacher positions, etc.


You need to practice enough to be prepared for your interview, so here you will quickly learn what to say to questions like a pro. Remember that both your future and the job of your dreams depend on your interview, and all is about practicing, that is the only way you will feel confident and calm. If have you been requested for an interview, that means you could match with the person they are looking for, so your ways of acting and speaking, and your answers will define if you get the position.

A guide is important for improve your skills in the interview, increasing your odds of wining in any job interview. You will need to know some about interview information, gender neutral job evaluation, critical thinking interviews, etc.


There is no difference if you are the most experienced in an interview or the best qualified for the job, there always be people battling with interviews. So, here you will read about how to manage and face an interview, from the way of dressing to what to do the day of the interview.

    After the Interview

Most of the applicants think that the interview will have finished once they go out of the room and close the door. Do you want to act as a pro? So, there are some things and details you should consider to do following up the interview.

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