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May 23

German Language Courses

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Schloss Charlottenburg, Berlin - German

Over 121 million people in the world speak German, besides of the 82.2 million in Germany, 8.36 million in Austria and Liechtenstein; it is the main language in Europe.

In order to be difference with a special status and chic, some people consider learning German even it is not an easy language. Also it will help you to communicate with relatives, to travel on vacations, to study, to interchange your interests, to have friends, or just because you like how it sounds.

  Destinations to learn German:

*  German in Germany
    -  German in Frankfurt
    -  German in Berlin
    -  German in Munich
*  German in Austria
    -  German in Vienna
  German language guides:
-  Learn German
-  German Language
-  German Resources

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