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May 23

Portuguese Language Courses

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Baía da Guanabara, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

A language spoken by over 200 million people and 170 million people only in Brazil, and this is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

Even though in Brazil you will find people talking in English, as same you will find people speaking Portuguese, so if you have been thinking about living in Brazil you should start now in order to communicate with local people.

  Destinations to learn Portuguese:

*  Portuguese in Portugal
    -  Portuguese in Lisbon
    -  Portuguese in Faro
    -  Portuguese in Porto
*  Portuguese in Brazil
    -  Portuguese in Salvador da Bahia
    -  Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro
    -  Portuguese in Sao Paulo
    -  Portuguese in Maceio
  Portuguese language guides:
-  Learn Portuguese
-  Portuguese Language
-  Portuguese Resources

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