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May 24

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Big Universities:

Many high school students look for a big College to study in, at first sight they could seem to have it all, from many degree programs to televised sporting events, it's the perfect University for thousand of students, regardless of that one of the bad points is that you will share classes and profesors with a lot of students, so if you're expecting to assist to one of these colleges it's better you take on count some points:

  You will have the oportunity to choose from different courses and majors, if you had not decided yet which area do you want to study there is the opportunity in the major part of big Universities to help graduate students with their final projects, assisting to their research, helping them to get more information, this way you will find easily which area you get more passionated with.
  Between the facilities, you will find any book you want, libraries in these kind of Universities usually are big enough to get lost in.
  There is a wide variety of housing opportunities.
  Sport programs are perfectly organized, so you can choose anyone you want.
  Big Universities offer many social and academic opportunities.
  Faculties have a famous reputation which will help you increasing the value of your CV.
The disadvantages are:
  Classes are too big, many students by class and the teacher doesn't realize if everyone of them are catching the ideas, also it's more difficult for a student to ask a question having all those eyes looking at you.
  Big Universities are chosen by students because of their well-known professors, but when you are making classes there you will note there are many classes given by teaching assistants, try to know before how many classes are given by teaching assistants.
  Professors the major part of time are all worry about their own project and other students thesis, a small part of their time is for interacting with class students.
  Many times you will get pressure to become a go-getter.
  As there are many students professors hardly will note if you are or not in classes, so it will be perjudicial for you if you can't take the responsability to assist to classes by your own iniative.

Small Universities:

If you prefer smaller classes to get in touch with everyone and to have the oportunity to learn more from each professor and each class, then small Universities are a good option for you. Furthermore of the friends you can make easily in this kind of colleges there also the advantage that you can get an opportunity to meet a graduate student and begin to ask him about the social life inside the university and about academic themes, and much better if this person study the same that you. Here are some points associated with not all the small colleges but with a big part of them.
  Small class sizes have the benefit to offer you a pleasant enviroment, not much crowded, where you can make as many questions as you want without being afraid of the rest of students.
  Classes are given by actual proffesors and not by teacher assistants or graduate students, this gives you the opportunity to make projects and to learn side-by-side with a professional in the area you are interested in.
  The interaction between professors and students are bigger in small Unversities, many times professors will call you by your first and last name, and a familiar environment is given to help students to feel more comfortable.
Disadvantages are:
  There are not many possiblities to choose a housing option.
  Majors and career are not so many as in big universities.
  Libraries and other facilities may be not enough.
  Extra curricular activities are fewer.
  Sport programs are not so important sometimes.

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