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This degree is made for who want to study people’s behavior, why some people act different in certain circumstances. The study of these reactions is done in a select group and the objective is to demonstrate very different results describing common patterns. In order to work in the field of anthropology is necessary to have a graduate degree; with this standard of education professionals can understand the findings of related disciplines.

  Career Outlook

Anthropology gives to all professionals an insight into human culture and social behavior. Most graduates have found employment as University professors and lawyers, in urban development, planning programs, human services, archaeology research and many other areas related to business.

  Coursework in Anthropology

The main courses that have to be taken for every anthropology student are:
-  Archaeology
-  Cultural anthropology
-  Linguistics
-  Biological/physical anthropology
-  Primatology
-  Human Palaeontology
-  Prehistoric Archaeology
-  Ethnography
-  Research methods
-  Socio-cultural anthropology
  Available programs

In United Estates there are many programs in anthropology, many students choose single honour degrees focusing on all areas. Other specialist degrees are social anthropology, medical anthropology and cultural anthropology.

It is also available to combine anthropology with other areas like history, psychology or law. Most undergraduate degrees in anthropology will include the requirement for a field of work; some programs may include a period of study in a foreign university on a field project or archaeological dig.

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