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January 18

Arts and Humanities

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This is a really interesting degree; students can examine the role that the human beings play in the growth of the world. The study of arts and humanity focuses in the way that the art and culture have influenced history, and how some decision taken in the past affect the relationship with other people in our present.

  Career Outlook

Most graduates in arts and humanities tend to have extremely good convenient skills that are demonstrate in a variety of careers, so they can work in many fields. One of the fields is the Interior design, with years of training graduates become experts at creating beautiful places for individuals, institutions and organizations. Other graduates in arts and humanities are industrial designers or fashion designers. Meanwhile other arts professionals non interested in lifestyles become intelligent agents; they analyze historic conflicts for senior officials enjoying solid benefits.

  Majors in Arts and Humanities

The available majors in Art and Humanities are:
Art: This degree includes an extensive background in arts education with appropriate courses in business, teaching, or history. There are many specializations like fine arts and design, visual communication and graphical design, fine art, media arts and animation, art history, arts education and arts administration.

Classical Studies: In this degree students learn about theories proposed by great philosophers like Plato, Socrates and analyze their application today. Classical studies also explore the ancient Greek and Latin languages, ancient history and ancient myth, mythology, philosophy and religion.

Design: A design degree merges standard design principles with the latest computer technology. If you are creative, it is going to be really easy interpreting client’s needs and apply the rules of color, placement and proportion to translate them into the most convenient computer software. The most common specializations are the graphic design, fashion design and commercial design.

English: This degree is one of the most popular in North America; it studies the English language itself and its broadest cultural influences. Graduates in English can do specializations in media, writing and communications.

Game Design: In this degree students are specialized in the visual creations of electronic games and handheld systems. There are specializations in computer and video game design or just computer game design.

General Studies: The General Studies degree covers the basics of a University education. Students can developed a basic knowledge of classical studies and some elective courses like liberal arts, humanities and sciences. Graduates with a degree in general studies can easily work into the business world.

Humanities: This degree is focused in languages, literature, art, music, religion and philosophy. Students learn many aspects of the society, from the past events to human behavior nowadays. Popular choices for humanity major are: journalism, teaching, advertising, publishing and public administration.

Interior Design: In this degree students receive formal education to produce safe and comfortable physical environment. Professionals in interior design can specialized in the residential or the commercial field.

Language: If you like to learn languages, this is the perfect degree for you. There are many career opportunities like interpreter, translator, diplomacy, international relations, literature, Foreign Service and international commerce among others.

Library Science: There are many areas for library science students, librarians are classified according to the type of library like public library, school library, media center, college or special library. There are other librarians who work for specific groups of people like children or adults.

Museum Studies: In this degree, students are prepared to develop, conserve and rescue artifacts, exhibitions and collections. Most graduates have a focus on the kind of field they want to work in like art, anthropology, science, etc. There are also specializations like museum curator, archivist, conservators and museum technicians.
  Requirements for a successful Arts and Humanities Career

People who enjoy challenge themselves with new ideas or explore their own personal growth, are appropriate to study a major in arts and humanities. There are also many online classes to supplement the arts degrees. With the past of the semesters, many students discover multiple passions and pick other courses like sociology, music, literature and language.

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